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The Earth of Darkness Meets the Light of Justice!

Fighting Kindred by Moonlight...
Winning XP by Daylight...
Never running from a Ghoul or Wight...
They are the... silliest thing on God's green Earth

Welcome to the world of Pink Darkness, where the soul-crushing, world-destroying angst of the World of Darkness collides headlong with the naively optimistic and bathos-filled world of the Magical Girls. See Wraiths discover that their own personal Angsts wither and fade in the teardrops of a crybaby with the power to level mountains (well, maybe very small hills). Discover the horror of a vampire who realises that even curfew won't save him. Watch as the Despoiler Wyrm decides to steal True Love from a small busload of high-school frosh for no terribly good reason!

Love and justice will triumph over the Oblivion, the Wyrm and Banality!
(Yeah, right.)

Based on and ripping rules straight from the penumbral depths of John Biles' White Wolf/World of Darkness suppliment, Senshi -- The Merchandising. All credit for S: TM goes directly to John Biles. All credit for World of Darkness goes to White Wolf (and Kurt Cobain, and Trent Reznor and others without whom White Wolf would have had no angstful song lyrics to use to title each chapter of their books).

A few notes about the Game Master.

Chris 'Frobozz' Angelini is a long-time GM, who cut his teeth on the original Bloo D&D three-book set and then never looked back (literally... AD&D makes his skin crawl worse than a Garou with distemper). Being an avid horror fan, he lunged for Vampire: The Hack Editing Job First Ed the moment that it came out. Having a lower tolerance for angst than, say, the average X-Men fan, he was knocked out of the WoD when he tried to assimilate Wraith: The Attempt to Out-Kult Kult into his personal repetoir.
He failed.

Chris Angelini's personal home page may be reached here.

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